Daughter of the Pirate King Review

At age seventeen, pirate captain Alosa is certainly ambitious. Though she already has her own ship and crew, she dreams of one day ruling the seas as Pirate Queen. Thus when her father, the Pirate King, sends her on a dangerous mission to retrieve part of a legendary map from a rival ship, Alosa jumps at the opportunity to prove her worth. However, once she’s faked her own kidnapping and found herself on board the Nightfarer, her tasks proves to be harder than she expected, for handsome First Mate Riden will not give up on his suspicions that Alosa is up to something.     

Do you ever get so caught up in the enjoyment of reading a good book that you completely stop paying attention to the more technical aspects of the author’s writing? Because that’s how I felt while I was reading Daughter of the Pirate King. I was just so entertained from start to finish that I barely noticed any of the flaws within the book. Consequently, this is going to be a pretty short review. All I really have to say about the book is that it stars a badass heroine who literally has her own girl gang of pirates. What more could you want? There’s sword fighting, a hint of mystery, and of course, a swoon worthy romance. Basically, Daughter of the Pirate King is a great big ball of fun and I can’t wait to read the sequel! If Daughter of the Siren Queen is as good as it’s predecessor then this series may just become my new favourite duology.

The only negative for me is that I still have a lot of questions regarding Alosa’s parentage… I won’t detail them here as I’d like to avoid spoilers, but I’m hoping the next book provides some answers.

My rating:

five stars

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