Even If I Fall by Abigail Johnson review

Even If I Fall tells the story of Brooke, a teenage girl whose brother is currently serving a lifetime prison sentence after he murdered his best friend. Brooke and her family have become outcasts since Jason’s confession, and her dreams of becoming a professional ice skater have turned to dust, for Brooke feels she must stay close to her family. What’s hardest for Brooke to deal with though, is that her family doesn’t want to talk about Jason, and Jason does want to talk about why he committed such a dreadful crime. Brooke feels she has no one to talk to, until one day she has a chance encounter with Heath, the brother of the boy Jason murdered. Like Brooke, Heath is struggling, and the pair form an unlikely friendship after bonding over how much they miss their brothers.

Though this book was beautifully written and I did love its melancholy tone, ultimately, it just didn’t interest me. Brooke and Heath were both boring, and outside of her ice skating, Brooke really didn’t seem to have much of a personality, or any interests. For the first 200 pages of the book, basically nothing happens, it’s just Brooke and Heath getting to know one another, so if you’re not interested in them as characters, Even if I Fall doesn’t have much to offer. That being said, if you like reading about ice skating, you’ll probably really enjoy this book.

After about page 200 or so, the story starts to pick up as Brooke begins to find clues about Jason’s crime and the reason why he committed it. For me, this was too little, too late, as I had already lost interest. If the murder-mystery aspect had been more central to the story from the beginning, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Instead, we just get endless scenes of Brooke and Heath having deep and meaningful conversations while gazing longingly at one another.


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