Review Policy

Have something you’d like me to review?

As a newbie book blogger, chances are I’ll probably say yes! Especially if offered a physical copy of the item – which isn’t to say that I don’t like eBooks, I just prefer the former.

All reviews will be posted on this blog and my Goodreads page. Usually, I’ll also share my thoughts on the book on my book themed Instagram account.

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My rating system

five stars

Five stars: Either I absolutely loved this book and it resonated with me on an emotional level, or I was extremely impressed with the way in which it was written. A five star review doesn’t necessarily mean i thought the book was flawless, I’m an emotional reviewer and will sometimes rate a book highly because I enjoyed it, not because I thought it was technically perfect.

four stars

Four stars: A common rating from me! I enjoyed this book a lot, but it wasn’t necessarily a favourite. Possibly, there was something about it that I thought should have been done differently. Overall, I can see this book appealing to a wide variety of readers and I’d love to check out more books from this author.

three stars

Three stars: Mostly positive. Generally, I thought the book was average / okay, but didn’t find it particularly special. I’d still recommend this book to certain readers, but it probably didn’t appeal to me.

two stars

Two stars: I did not enjoy this book and would not recommend it to others. However, I still see some value in it, perhaps it had a fun side character or it made me laugh on occasion.

one star

One star: A one star review is very rare for me! Usually I’ll only give a book such a low rating if I found it offensive or potentially harmful.