Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff & Amy Kaufman Review

If I were to describe this book in one word, it would be entertaining. From the very beginning, I was hooked. Aurora Rising opens with a scene in which our brave hero, Tyler Jones, is attempting a daring solo rescue mission. From the first page, Aurora Rising is action packed and fast paced. It’s a story full of action, drama, comedy and even a little romance. It’s an exciting read that I don’t think anyone could describe as dull. There’s a lot of hype surrounding this release, and for me at least, Aurora Rising more than met my expectations.

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The Nowhere by Chris Gill review

“In that moment, the aching longing to be somewhere else was finally gone. Somewhere that wasn’t The Nowhere. Somewhere that wasn’t my own skin. In the darkness, I was sure I could hear the night whispering to me. Telling me it secrets, now it knew mine.”
– The Nowhere, Chris Gill

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The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein Review

“I would lie silent and still, like a corpse, as he studied me. His careful, delicate hands explored all the bones and tendons, the muscles and tracings of veins that make up a person. “But where is Elizabeth?” he would ask, his ear against my heart. “Which part makes you?” I had no answer, and neither did he.”
― Kiersten White, The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

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February Wrap Up

How was your reading month? I managed to finish four books. Here’s a brief synopsis and my thoughts on each one.

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Top 5 Quotes from An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

“Most power just looks like an easier-than-average life. It’s so built-in that people mostly don’t realise how powerful they are. Like, the average middle-class person in the US is one of the 3 percent richest people in the world. Thus, they’re probably one of the most powerful people in the world. But, to them, they feel completely average.”

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World Mental Health Day Recommendations

Mental health is an issue I’ve dealt with personally for many years, after being diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder in my late teens. It’s also something I’ve seen effect many of the people around me. So today I thought I’d discuss some books which helped me deal with my own mental illness. These aren’t necessarily books that taught me something, they’re just books that I thought portrayed accurate depictions of anxiety and depression, and therefore helped me feel less alone.

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Queendom of the Seven Lakes Review

Goodreads synopsis: “Your Majesty, I take life. I am not certain that my skills actually extend to preserving it.”  There are always those who are willing to pay for someone else’s death. Having grown up amongst the Family of Assassins, ELEN-AI knows well the prices people are willing to pay to see their enemies fall […]

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Bookstagram Tips & Tricks : Part One

How I take and edit my photos Read on to find out more about the camera and editing and scheduling apps I use for taking, planning, and posting my bookstagram photos. Hi friends, I’d like to start out by saying that by no means would I consider myself some kind of bookstagram expert. My photos […]

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Scythe by Neal Shusterman Review

“My greatest wish for humanity is not for peace or comfort or joy. It is that we all still die a little inside every time we witness the death of another. For only the pain of empathy will keep us human. There’s no version of God that can help us if we ever lose that.”  […]

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